I don’t have a SecureCode™ or I lost my Securecode™

The SecureCode™ is a unique number located on the reverse side of the photo sleeve, and it is given to you with your photo in the Bass Pro or Cabela’s Store.


If you don’t have the sleeve anymore, you can contact us by filling out the form you will find in the link below. Please provide as much detailed information as you can, so we can locate your picture.


Some of the details that will allow us to locate your picture are:


  1. Confirm the Bass Pro or Cabela’s store location you visited
  2. Exact date when the picture was taken
  3. Ages of the people in the photo
  4. Hair color and style of the people in the photo (long blond hair, bald, brunette short ponytails, etc.)
  5. What type and color of clothing some of the people in the image may have been wearing
  6. Any accessories or identifying features (hats, glasses, etc.)


Once we receive this information we will contact you to provide you with the SecureCode™ of your picture and instructions to retrieve your photo.

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